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Sharing a cock with Claudia and Katja Kassin

Posted by on March 27, 2014 at 12:18 pm in Brunette, Threesome, Video

Kayla Synz Katja Kassin ThreesomeI didn’t know that Kayla was such a nice girl that she even likes to share a nice hard cock that is fucking her around the group she is with. When this guy strolls into a room with the world famous Katja Kassin, Kayla Synz and uber-MILF Claudia in it he must have known what he was getting into, especially when the name of the site is Cougar Sex Club, that means they don’t mess around in any way shape or form. Anyway this scene starts off with Miss Synz and Claudia just hanging out and generally touching each other up like total hotties and it soon escalates when that famous booty walks in and Katja is looking absolutely fine today, like nothing else in the world. It’s not long before these three are all over each other than after that a guy walks in and they just treat him like a sex toy that has arrived solely to bring these horny fucking cougar mothers some spunk in their mouths.

It’s really good to see all three of these top pornstars work together and what is even better than that is that it’s all been captured in HD in both video and photos for you to check out as this one lucky stud gets to fuck all three of these beauties. When it comes to our main girl she’s actually got brunette hair for this shoot so I’ve classified as such, but her body is looking as amazing as ever and you know she wants more and more as she lets that cock slide all inside of her. No condoms, just pure hardcore fucking for you all to see and I’ve included a few more pictures below so you can enjoy all of it.

Hardcore Glamour for Anilos

Posted by on December 7, 2012 at 2:30 pm in Blonde, Video

Kayla Synz AnilosYou guys will most definitely recognise Anilos, seeing as they are one of the main banners that we run here on Kayla Synz dotcom, and that’s mainly because they have had this perfect MILF in so many of their photo shoots over the last couple of years, they obviously know how hot she is and have probably browsed this site for inspiration from time to time because in terms of seeing Kayla getting fucked or revealing that tight pussy of hers, we have most definitely seen all of it. In this nice video preview you to get to enjoy the benefits of these guys filming her in HD and making sure that every minute of their footage is the best possible quality for this blonde MILF bombshell, especially when the guys walk in naked and start pounding this slut hard, she loves it just as much as all of the viewers do and she definitely can take it because as you will see when you go to the site she has appeared in a lot of videos for them and that’s just the start, there’s pictures and photoshoots and lots more inside their members area.

Anyway, I won’t hold you up for any much longer because the video preview of what she’s been getting up to is right here, embedded and ready for you to watch.

Lesbian Strapon Action in Jail

Posted by on October 6, 2012 at 10:27 am in Brunette, Lesbian, Photos, Video

Kayla Synz @ Caged TushyWhen it comes to the girls, Kayla Synz is just as hot and flirty with them as she is with the guys who enjoy fucking her oh so much, when we originally started checking out the scenes this hottie appeared in, we didn’t know just how much she liked to have sex with girls as much as she liked to do guys too, which is why today we had to dig up a scene in which she is brunette (which Kayla hasn’t been for a while) just to show you how she likes to dominate other women and that she really gets into the lesbian scene when she’s in it.

Anyway, I think you all know by now that when we find a great scene of Kayla we will bring you a preview and description of what’s going on, but first we have to tell you where to find the full video of this one, thanks to the sexy filmmakers over at Caged Tushy.

Kayla Synz Strapon

So as you can see in the movie embed here, this girl really takes it hard once Kayla (playing the prison guard) ties her up to the bars and gets her really wet with some good rubbing of the clit and fingering of that tight pussy, but it’s not long before they have both fully stripped off to be nude and Kayla Synz pulls out her huge dildo which she fully intends to use on that really tight pussy of this young chick Catrina, the blond gets absolutely plowed as she takes every inch of that strap on as punishment and it’s a joy to watch.

Fucked in the ass for Anabolic

Posted by on September 28, 2012 at 4:26 pm in Anal, Video

Kayla Synz Anal

It seems like getting fucked in the ass is a particular talent for Kayla Synz because in the space of maybe 4 or 5 updates, We’re going to see more of this blonde hottie taking it from behind like a champion, and this scene is in complete HD and some of the most crystal clear video I’ve ever seen on the internet, thanks to those crazy guys over there at Anabolic (if you remember the name it’s because they were an absolutely huge force in the early 2000s with their DVD market, and they make some of the highest quality pornography before all of this web stuff became all the rage and people started shooting twenty minute scenes with their favourite pornstars to go into 320 pixel or smaller videos, these guys were all about capturing the porn on film quality cameras and it really pays off when you have someone as hot as Kayla to shoot.

If that’s not enough, let me describe this scene to you, Kayla pulls off that super tight black thong and panties set that was just about clinging onto her curvy body, but she knows to leave her stripper-esque high heels on as she takes this huge cock deep inside of her ass, and he really goes to town as she is moaning super loud and getting so close to orgasm from the anal, meanwhile the guy with the monster cock is ready to blow his load all of her face. I wont ruin any more of the scene but needless to say, you will definitely want to check out the video preview right here.

Kayla Synz AnalKayla Synz AnalKayla Synz Anal

Kayla Synz Anal


Threesome with Harmony Rose

Posted by on September 23, 2012 at 2:06 pm in Blonde, Threesome, Video

Kayla Synz & Harmony Rose

Well, after that little exploration into a lookalike of our favourite porn girl, it’s time to actually provide some of the dirty pictures that Kayla Synz has been starring in recently, and I found this awesome picture and video set over at Jizzbomb and it was a really good one. It features Kayla in a really small blue bra and skirt, posing like a complete slut with another famous girl who you will probably recognise, her name is Harmony Rose, they both have legs to die for and some of the greatest tits you will ever see on two blonde bombshells, and when I say they are messing around and posing like sluts I mean they are bending over railings and showing off their dripping wet pussies for you, and the scene only gets better from there.

After a while of posing and playing with themselves, these two girls are joined by some big dicked porn guy and they really go to town on him, he’s taking it straight out of Harmony’s pussy and slamming it in Kayla’s mouth and she’s sucking all of her juices off him, it’s ridiculous how hot it gets, of all parts of the scene I think one of my favourites is where Harmony is getting taken from behind like a dirty bitch and at the same time she is licking Kayla’s clit and making her squeal, these two aren’t shy about getting a little bit of lesbian action going and when it comes to it they really love to taste and explore each other with fingers. Another good bit is Kayla taking it reverse cowgirl and then slamming Miss Roses’ head down on the guys cock, gagging her from above, it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Kayla Synz and Harmony RoseKayla Synz and Harmony Rose

Kayla Synz is the porn doppleganger of Kate Gosselin

Posted by on September 17, 2012 at 12:21 pm in Blonde

If you’ve ever heard of this pseudo famous reality star Kate Gosselin (apparently she had a reality show and appeared on TV for having a ton of kids), then you might notice that she looks exactly the same as our favourite MILF Kayla Synz (when Kayla has her blonde cropped hair which she carries through a lot of scenes, although she doesn’t so much recently because she has gone back to having shorter brown hair in her recent scenes for sites like Brazzers and the such). It’s quite ironic that one of these women is famous for all of the things that come out of her vagina and Kayla is famous for taking so much cock and looking fantastic while doing it, I wonder if this Kate woman has ever googled herself and noticed the resemblance. Not one to just talk about it… have a look at the side by side comparison!

Kayla Synz Kate Gosselin

Kayla Synz Kate Gosselin

I’m not sure if you agree with me but I think they look damn similar in these pictures I’ve provided (thanks to Anilos and Doctor Adventures for that lower one of Kayla in Blue Lingerie, she looks fucking hot right there). Anyway, more updates from now on will just focus on our pornstar girl rather than other hotties that she resembles.

KaylaSynz.com – The Ultimate Milf Fansite Launches!

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Welcome to Kayla Synz .com, the ultimate fansite for the best pornstar MILF in the industry. For those of you who don’t know, MILF is a Mother I’d Like to Fuck, because Kayla stars as that kind of character in a lot of her scenes. We are here to bring you all of the best photos, videos and live cam feeds of this dirty horny mature hottie as she fucks and sucks her way through the porn industry, but first let me tell you about the first scene I ever saw this hottie in, including some of the pictures from it.

It was for a website called Cougars in Heat, and Kayla was blonde as opposed to her sometimes brunette demeanour… she was wearing a skimpy red dress that some lucky young guy got to peel off of her to reveal red lingerie that just about covered up her amazing body and those huge firm tits of hers. From what I can remember this guy ended up fucking Kayla Synz up the ass and cumming all over her face with a huge cock, and she even ended up swallowing the cum. I knew she was going to be special when she could pull a huge dick straight out of her ass and start sucking on it once again.

Some of the high resolution pictures in this post come from that gallery because it was just so damn hot, and as she peeled off that bra in HD we knew it was going to be an awesome photoset.

That’s just one of the reasons we created this great fansite for you and will be updating it weekly with some of her best videos and modelling jobs, so if you are a fan of Kayla than come back here with us for more.